Okay, so we had this listing (which we did a lot of crazy and fun marketing for) at 2408 Cloy Ave, Venice, CA 90291. To set the stage… the seller had previously listed with Halton Pardee, the BMOC in Venice real estate, and cancelled the listing the same day we door knocked, ran into the owner, and signed a new listing agreement. As the new team at Keller Williams Silicon Beach and in the Venice area, we wanted to make our team a household name in 30-days.

Needless to say, we had a lot to prove. So among lots of marketing stunts like a 24/7 30-day open house (listen to us talk about this on The Realtor Experience on Spotify), we also made a custom surf board sign. Do you see the little guy peaking through the garage? Yeah, we had to keep the surfboard locked up at night. As a side note when we left KW Silicon Beach, nearly every team asked us if they could have our surfboard sign.

But the surfboard did not always look like that. Here is our FIVE STEP DIY SURFBOARD SIGN:

  1. Find a retired surfboard. We found about five surfboards in one along PCH near Santa Monica and the California Incline. You can also check Craigslist and Letgo for surfboards. Lots of people in the Los Angeles area are selling surfboards for $10 and under, or giving them away for free. Pro-tip: the foam surfboards from Costco won’t work for painting or pasting on the letters.
  2. Prep the scene: You are going to want to de-wax your surfboard before you start painting it. You can do this at any local surf shop. We were charged $20 for the first three surfboards and then started to get better deals. After you de-wax (which may take the surf shop in Venice about 1-2 days) you are going to want to plan out your design and buy the paint. We recommend using this spray paint from Home Depot about $5 per can. We needed 2-3 cans.
  3. Spray the board & let it dry: Spray the surfboard was by far the most fun part of the entire project (in my opinion). The alley started to get white spray paint streaks, so I ended up putting down tarp before spray painting the surfboard. We needed about 3 coats on each side to really make the white pop and coverup the design that was on it before. You should let it dry fully in-between coats.

  1. Printing and pasting the text: We printed the letters / numbers on regular white printer paper with colored ink at a huge font size. We then cut out the words leaving some white around the edges. We then used hobby shop mod podge to glue and coat the letters on. Here is the brand of mod podge that we used. Pro-tip: fight the urge to put mod pogde all over the board. We did this and had to start over.

  1. Show that surfboard off: You will need a good space to lean your sign against, and make sure you take it in at night. Another idea is getting this $16 surfboard stand from Amazon and proping your sign up inside the property or on the street.